Health insurance for internationals

Posted on dec 8, 2017

SGE International is a member of Healthcare for internationals (H4i). H4i is a non-profit organization that aims to have Dutch healthcare better meet the needs and expectations of internationals. H4i supports its members in developing services for internationals. Both SGE International and H4i help internationals navigate Dutch healthcare. H4i has an agreement with LoonZorg, an […]

Maternity leave

Posted on nov 29, 2017

From 20 December till the 1st of May 2018, doctor Rullmann will be on maternity leave. During this time the practice will be covered by two other GP’s.

Please note: Flu vaccinations are at location SGE Strijp

Posted on okt 25, 2017

Did you receive a letter for the yearly flu vaccination? Please note that these are distributed at the SGE Strijp location, at the Noord Brabantlaan 66 in Eindhoven The vaccinations are distributed on the following dates and times Wednesday October 25th from 17:00-18:30 H Thursday November 2nd from 17:00-18:30 H Location SGE Strijp, Noord Brabantlaan […]


Posted on sep 4, 2017

From Monday 4 September 2017 onward, it is not possible anymore to park in the carpark in front of the Videolab at the Torenallee. At Strijp S there are several other parking places. At Philitelaan, Kastanjelaan or Glaslaan for example. Take into account a few extra minutes walking when you have an appointment at SGE […]

Preventive tests and programs

Posted on aug 28, 2017

Dear international, As you may know, SGE International has started to investigate the possibilities to offer, with partners, preventive tests and programs as part of its services. This is one of the suggestions from the survey that was conducted amongst the patients of SGE International earlier this year. We invite you to share your needs, […]

Video Consultation at SGE

Posted on aug 9, 2017
Video Consultation at SGE

Did you know that at SGE International you can now have a video consultation with your GP. You can now have a conversation with you GP from your computer at home. This is convenient if you are unable to come to the clinic or if you rather stay at home or at work. Please note […]

Physical Therapy in the Netherlands

Posted on jul 31, 2017
Physical Therapy in the Netherlands

Whether you have visited a physiotherapist in the past or not, it might be helpful to learn how physiotherapists work and how you can access this particular type of healthcare while staying in the Netherlands. What is a physiotherapist and how can he assist you? A physiotherapist is a health-professional who is specialized in problems […]

What is the role of the Doctor’s Assistant?

Posted on mei 12, 2017
What is the role of the Doctor’s Assistant?

In the Netherlands, the first line of support that you receive at your GP office, whether you telephone or are at the front desk, is with the Doctor’s Assistant. However, for many internationals, who and what the role of a Doctor’s Assistant is and what they are able to do can be a bit of […]

Meet our Intern!

Posted on apr 7, 2017
Meet our Intern!

Starting as intern at SGE international from April till June 2017, I would like to introduce myself. I am Anne-Marie Gerritsen, a second year student at the General Practitioner training from Maastricht University. I am mother of two daughters aged 6 and 8. Furthermore, I am an active member of LOVAH Eindhoven, a GP student […]

Open five days a week!

Posted on mrt 31, 2017

From 3rd April 2017, SGE International will be open  FIVE days a week. For more convenient appointment planning!

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