Changes in organisation

Posted on jun 18, 2019

SGE International has started out as a project in order to provide better healthcare to internationals. We started out under the wing of SGE Strijp and with just one GP. In the 4 years since, we have grown tremendously.

We are now separating SGE International from SGE Strijp and also make some necessary changes in the organisation of patient administration. This means that officially, patients that have H. Rullmann as their GP are registered under her name. Patients whom are registered with a steady locum GP (e.g. K. Baard, J. de Boer and M. Schreur) are registered under the name of E. Berends, GP and member of the SGE board, who will also from now on see patients on Wednesday.

Unfortunately the administrative transition did not go smoothly and there are 2 main issues that we are working on at the moment. All patients who were transferred received an email stating that their contract was cancelled and that they are registered with doctor E. Berends at SGE Stratum. You can ignore this email, you are still a patient with us at SGE International.

Also patients who were transferred are at this point unable to make an online appointment, we are working very hard to fix this problem.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience and concerns this may have cost and are doing everything we can to resolve this issues.